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The cost of dental insurance|Is it worth getting the one

Dental insurance works slightly different from other health insurance –especially in terms of cost-effectiveness. But no one can ever put a price on a beautiful smile and we somehow all take other people at face value that is because of beautiful teeth. Like any insurance, dental insurance does have pros and cons and you must answer that what is the cost of dental insurance and does it worth the money. Simply put, dental insurance is not as economical as you may think. However, similar to any insurance, dental insurance benefits you in the short and long run.

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What is dental insurance?

Before we head to what is the cost of dental insurance, we should know what it actually is: It is a form of health insurance designed to pay a portion of costs associated with dental care. There is a list of insurance plans including DHMP, PPO, and indemnity.  We have dedicated this article to provide a comprehensive coverage about dental insurance and pros and cons associated with each type. However, the dental insurance premium can be more expensive than the regular one but it does come with many additional benefits.

What does dental insurance cost you?

Dental insurance, in general, provides 100-80-50” coverage: meaning you get 100% off from the routine checkups that includes diagnostic care, X-rays and cleaning. And you get 80% off from basic dental procedures like root canal, and fillings, etc, and lastly you get 50% off from major procedures that include crowns, bridges.

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On average, Americans pay $350-380 per anum between 35-50$ a month. For care that goes beyond the routine care , cap at $1600. Simply put, the cost of dental insurance varies and contingent upon many factors. You can choose the insurance plan that you find best fitted for your needs. Even though the group or PPO are the widely used plans because you get immediate services, unlike the individual plans that restrict the dental facilities for a specific period of time.

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Varieties of dental insurance

Typically dental insurance may come in three main varieties PPO, HMO, and indemnity plans.

Indemnity Plan

An indemnity plan allows a patient to see any dentist and typically you will be an enabler to choose the payment of the plan.


PPO has also been discussed below, and it is one of the most popular policies, where a patient gets charged for a reduced rate only if they visit an in-network dentist.


HMO or health maintenance organization that also has been discussed below are basically the institutes that provide the dental facilities but restrict certain coverage for a specific period of time.

Waits have always been a drawback to individual plans

One of the biggest drawbacks of individual plans is that you have to wait. On the contrary, group plans are good as patients don’t have to wait. Like most of the individual plans, won’t cover the filling in the first six months and may not provide you immediate dental protection for other procedures for up to eight months or more.

Alternative treatments

Besides, individual plans, there are group plans or alternative methods where a person mostly does not have to wait a lot. Read through them to know what they cover.

Group plan:

The group plan is often an employer-sponsored plan and there is no waiting period. However it is for those who work in a company that offers the employees this facility.  If someone is eligible for such insurance then he should not shop around on his own.

Preferred provider organization

It is another type of insurance plan that has no waiting period. A preferred provider is basically a network of dentists for insurers.

Discount dental plan

Technically, these are not insurance plans. As the name implies, organizations have discounted prices with dentist who make up their network. Discount dental plans do not come up with the waiting period and a big search option you can explore for discounted dental plans.

Bottom line

If you are against the dental insurance or you have already been covered. You can always ask the provider to cut down the overall pricing by complete paying out of your own wallet. Moreover, you can set up a payment plan or set a customized plan as per your own preference or the health of teeth. The dentist or organization may readily do if you have been the part of an organization or have been the patient of the dentist. Despite the price factor, dental insurance worths the cost and one should invest bucks as it can save you in the short and long run.

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